DEMO 2014

by Step Off

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Artwork done by Roscoe Rickers


released February 10, 2014

This one goes out to Roanoke Hardcore. Thanks to Jack Cooper, Tate Bell, Josh Slate, Lawrence White, Reilly Embrey, Josh Dickerson, Daniel Creaturo, Alex Oliver, Will Elegy, Cody Rogers, Kerrick "Dreamboat" Houk, Spencer Blankenship, and all of ZH



all rights reserved


Step Off Roanoke, Virginia


Nathan Morrison-Vocals
Josh Sison-Guitar
Kenny Busic-Bass
Jamie Davis-Drums

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Track Name: Locked Out
What's left in me
I pushed for the best
I was locked down deep
No light in my view
Outcasted for days
My hate inside it's always stayed
I couldn't even see
What was inside
I held on to the pain to breathe
You wont ever fucking relate
To this secret
Full of fucking shame

Lock me out

And keep me down..
Track Name: Don't Try
Don't put on a show because we don't wanna see it
You think we are so easy but we won't submit
Nothing you have will ever reach
What's in my heart you'll never breach
You say we are born out of luck
Who cares if we are bad we don't give a fuck
Just live your life and I'll live mine
Don't bother with us don't waste our time.
Track Name: Claimed
I've heard it before
The same mistakes
I have my friends
I know the fakes
What I do is what I choose
Being everyone is not my view
You fit in just to fake it
We all know you're weak-minded and jaded
Get it through your head
and get it through your heart
We've always been different from the start

You think poison makes you look fucking better
Well I think living clean makes me clever
Force something just for your ego
My choice is for me and not for the people
Track Name: Looking Back
Looking back
At the times
Seeing your face
Right next to mine
Taking you was not the deal
Knowing you're gone is too unreal

Pressure was there and you had the choice
But you had to go and listen to that fucking voice
The world doesn't care it drags you around
Time doesn't wait it puts you in the ground
Another cheap fix another kick
Another good friend gone way too fucking quick
Track Name: Step Off
Get off my back
Quit weighing me down
Get out of my life
I don't need you around

Fool me once shame on me
How stupid I was to believe
Went behind my back too many times
Now your caught end of the line

All this time you lied to us
Blamed your emotions for mistrust
Your just a rat another sneak
You make me sick and I don't want your disease

You want my help well I think I'll pass
Why don't you get your head out of your ass
Start using the head you got
Not wasting my time and making it rot